Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How secure is the NECTR Website?
This site uses high-level security technology that will detect any intrusion and terminate information transfer instantly and inform both parties that the connection has been terminated.

What tenders are placed on the NECTR website?
Works, services (including consultancy) and supply contracts are placed on the website, from relatively low value schemes to those above current EU thresholds.

Do I have to tender electronically?
We hope that by using the NECTR website you will realise savings in costs and time and that the whole tendering process is simplified and become more convenient for you. In the longer term The London Borough of Newham will normally only accept e-tenders, however we may accept hard copy tenders on some projects. This will be specified in the advert and tender documentation.

How will using NECTR benefit me?
Our website is easy and FREE to use. You can self register and maintain your own data, download documents and submit tender responses electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tenders lodged electronically do not incur postage or courier costs and you receive automatic confirmation that your response has been received. You can search our database for awarded contracts as a means of identifying potential business leads. You can also tailor the system to see only those tenders you are interested in, for example only tenders posted on the website for a type of work appropriate to your business.

Future developments may include the amalgamation of tender requirements and the standardisation of approved list requirements and tender documentation.

How long does it take to send an electronic tender?
Depending on the time of day and the volume of internet traffic, the submission of large electronic files may take time. The speed at which your submission is received will also depend on the size of the file and the internet bandwidth available to you. Allow sufficient time when tendering electronically. As a general guide, a simple two-page text file should take less than 30 seconds to transmit. A large file (i.e. one approaching 4MB file size) may take several minutes to transmit. ALL of the submission MUST be received prior to the submission deadline. If your transmission is part received when the deadline is reached, the submission will fail. As a general rule, if the transmission process has not completed within 10 minutes, it has been unsuccessful. Make use of the demonstration tender to practise using this function.

Can my competitors see my tendered prices?
No. Once your electronic tender response has been lodged, no one has access to the tender document until the deadline for responses has passed. Following the evaluation and award of the contract, details relating to the successful tenderer will be placed on the website under the Tender Results section.